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EASTER IS A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY. What greater reason to celebrate than the glorious death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! Consider, for a moment, how hopeless the human race would be without this most blessed—but most painful—transaction. And then consider the vast wealth of hope we now have because of it—because of Christ—and rejoice all the more!

But it is not just something to be celebrated. Let Easter be a joyful reminder of the task Christ has laid before us; let it buoy us upward from the depressing chaos of the world by reminding us of the awesome power and love of our Savior. By all means, let us celebrate Easter with all joy and heartiness, but let us then proceed to share the good news with those to whom Easter is only a celebration of springtime, and let us cultivate the Holy Spirit that has so graciously been placed in us by a most benevolent God.
The utter dependence that mankind has upon Christ inadvertently became the theme of my longest and most noteworthy “Ref…