Thursday, July 9, 2015

 From the June 2015 Literary Lamp
“When Christians meet together, they talk too much about religion, preachers, and sermons. I cannot but think that if they communed less about religion and more of Jesus, it would give a higher tone of spirituality to their conversation, and prove more refreshing to the soul.”  -Mary Winslow
How true are the above words! I selected this quote from an article
by Mary Winslow which I recently received from a good friend and customer. The wisdom and truth in these words struck me then and unfailingly does so every time I read them. It is shocking to discover how often the devil uses “religion” to lead Christians away from Christ. The word “religion” implies beliefs, creeds, and laws, rather than the simple truth of God’s Word and the blessings of a life committed to Christ. God wrote but one book for His servants, with only ten chief commandments, and yet mankind muddles it all up by adding their own rules and instructions, which only succeeds in swaying would-be believers from a walk with God. Satan will use every possible way to distract Christians from Christ, including our own “religious laws.” We must always remember to look first to God, and let Him take care of everything else. Jesus Christ is everything we need; we as Christians should endeavor to be more and more like Him and draw closer and closer to Him every day. Too many of us try to be more like “Christians” and forget altogether that true Christians should endeavor to be like Christ…hence the title, “Christian.” More time devoted to Jesus and less time devoted to religion is certain to “prove more refreshing to the soul.” More meaningless words replaced with Christ’s name will most assuredly give a “higher tone of spirituality to [your] conversation.” -Ruth Verrinder